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Administration and General Affair

Name Position Telephone Number E-mail
Miss Charouyporn Robkob General Administrative Officer 075-672704 rcharouy@g-mail.wu.ac.th
Miss Wantanee Kaewruang General Administrative Officer 075-672706 kwantane@wu.ac.th
Miss Laddawan Panmas General Administrative Officer 075-672703 laddawan.pa@wu.ac.th
Miss Ariya Yeesoonthrong General Service Officer 075-672703 yariya@wu.ac.th
Miss Maneerut Srisuksai Physical Therapy Technical Officer 075-672703 maneerut.sr@wu.ac.th
Miss Nadnara Chuaysatit Medical Technology Technical Officer 075-672706  nadnara.ch@wu.ac.th
 Miss Wantida Nuyong Physical Therapy Technical Officer 075-672769  wantida.nu@wu.ac.th
Mr. Ukkaradate Kongkam Physical therapist 075-673000 ต่อ 2571  ukkaradate.ko@wu.ac.th
Miss Srisuwan Nopparat​ Physical therapist 075-673000 ต่อ 2571  srisuwan.no@wu.ac.th
Miss Suppalak Kongsri  General Service Officer  075-673000 ต่อ 2571  suppalak.ko@wu.ac.th
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