Department of Physical Therapy

Lect. Dr. Parinya Vongvaivanichakul
Head of Department
Research interest:Stroke rehabilitation, gait and movement analysis
Tel. 0-7567-2640, 0-7567-2602-4
Lect.Dr. Salila Cetthakrikul
Program chair
Research interest:Cardiac rehabilitation, Health behavior, Physical activity and therapeutic exercise and behavior modification for changing risk behavior in comunity.
Tel. 0-7547-6657, 0-7567-2602-4
Asst.Prof. Dr.Wannisa Kumban
Research interest:Gross motor development and Balance assessment tool in pediatric
Tel. 0-7567-2644, 0-7567-2602-4
Asst.Prof.Jiraphat Nawarat
Research interest:Functional electrical stimulation in stroke patients
Tel. 0-7567-2615, 0-7567-2602-4
Asst.Prof.Dr.Nitita Piya-amornphan
Research interest:PT in Cardiovascular Diseases, PT in Respiratory Diseases, Exercise Physiology, Physical Activity and Health Promotion Policy, NCDs, Geriatric Syndromes
Tel. 0-7567-2637, 0-7567-2602-4
Asst.Prof.Dr.Praphatson Sengsoon
Research interest:Musculoskeletal disorders, Biomechanic,
Ergonomics, Office syndrome, EMG
Tel. 0-7567-2614, 0-7567-2602-4
Asst. Prof. Dr.Yuwadee Wittayapun
Research interest:Community health development, Health promotion and prevention, Research-based public health practices, Public health administration
Tel. 0-7567-2648, 0-7567-2602-4
Asst.Prof. Dr.Anoma Santiworakul
Research interest:Pulmonary rehabilitation, Physical activity and
exercise for health, Exercise and behavior
modification for obesity and metabolic disease
Tel. 0-7567-2642, 0-7567-2602-4
Lect.Kanok Tiaprapong
Research interest:Sport rehabilitation and training, Thai massage
Tel. 0-7567-2610, 0-7567-2602-4
Lect.Kanruethai Siriworakunsak
Research interest:Sport rehabilitation, Musculaskeletal disorders, Ergonomics and office syndrome
Tel. 0-7567-2645, 0-7567-2602-4
Lect.Dr.Khomkrip Longlalerng
Research interest:Cardiorespiratory PT, Exercise in deconditioning and obesity, community PT
Tel. 0-7567-2650, 0-7567-2602-4
Lect.Dr.Charupa Lektip
Research interest:Health promotion and prevention, fall in elderly
Tel. 0-7567-2699, 0-7567-2602-4
Lect.Chatdao Septham
Research interest:Musculoskeletal disorder, Ergonomic, Musculoskeletal disorder in Elderly, Neurodynamic nerve
Tel. 0-7567-2602-4
Lect.Dr.Chadapa Rungruangbaiyok
Research interest:Biomechanics, Lumbar osteoporosis, Computational simulation, and Finite element analysis
Tel. 0-7567-2699, 0-7567-2602-4
Lect.Dr.Chadayu Udom
Research interest:Occupational health, Low back pain, Incidence, Risk factor
Tel. 0-7567-2649, 0-7567-2602-4
Lect.Thanaporn Semphuet
Research interest:Physical activity and exercise, Cardiac rehabilitation
Tel. 0-7567-2647, 0-7567-2602-4
Lect.Dr.Thawatchai Lukseng
Research interest:Stroke rehabilitation / Vertigo and dizziness rehabilitation
Tel. 0-7567-2634, 0-7567-2602-4
Lect.Dr.Nichapha Chandee
Research interest:Developmental defect, Balance, Obesity,
and Spine structure in children
Tel. 0-7567-2608, 0-7567-2602-4
Lect.Prathomchai Rattanawan
Research interest:Stroke rehabilitation, Top-Down approach concept
and corticospinal excitability evalation
Tel. 0-7567-2613, 0-7567-2602-4
Lect.Phatcharawadee Srirug
Research interest:Musculoskeletal disorders, Sport physical therapy,
Sports biomechanics, Gait and movement analysis,
knee injuries
Tel. 0-7547-6660, 0-7567-2602-4
Lect.Dr.Patcharin Nilmart
Research interest:physical therapy management in various knee
conditions; knee OA, TKA, ACLR
Tel. 0-7567-2635, 0-7567-2602-4
Lect.Dr.Valainipha Habuddha
Research interest:Quality of life, Healthy promotion,
Cardiopulmonary rehabilitation, Osteoinduction,
Wound healing
Tel. 0-7567-2617, 0-7567-2602-4
Lect.Dr.Wantanee Yodchaisarn
Research interest:

Biomechanics, Posture, Neuromuscular function,
Neck and back pain, exercise in low back pain

Tel. 0-7567-2636, 0-7567-2602-4
Lect.Sirinthip Pakdee
Research interest:Musculoskeletal disorder, vestibular rehabilitations
Tel. 0-7567-2611, 0-7567-2602-4
Lect.Dr.Salinee Chaiyakul
Research interest:Sport physical therapy, Exercise physiology
Tel. 0-7567-2638, 0-7567-2602-4
Lect.Supattra Chaibal
Research interest:Gross motor development in children ,
gait analysis, sport physical therapy
Tel. 0-7567-2639, 0-7567-2602-4
Lect.Sumarttra Sungkue
Research interest:Anatomy trains, Musculoskeletal disorders
Tel. 0-7567-2602-4
Lect.Dr.Onchuma Meungsorn
Research interest:stroke rehabilitation, sarcopenia or muscle
wasting in stroke and older adults
Tel. 0-7567-2641, 0-7567-2602-4
Lect.Krueakaew Tiaprapong
Research interest:Chest​ PT​ management​ in​ pediatrics,
respiratory​ training and​ exercise
Tel. 0-7567-2609, 0-7567-2602-4
Lect.Netchanok Jianramas
Research interest:Rehabilitation in COPD, Physical activity
Tel. 0-7567-2612, 0-7567-2602-4
Lect.Kornkanok Khutok
Research interest:Musculoskeletal disorders, Quality of life assessment in chronic pain condition
Tel. 0-7467-6662, 0-7567-2602-4