Department of Medical Technology

Asst.Prof.Dr. Nurdina Charong
Head of Medical Technology Department
Research interest:Natural products against cancer, Gene expression in cancer, Cancer bioinformatics
Tel. 0-7567-2624, 0-7567-2602-4
Asst.Prof.Dr. Malatee Tayeh
Program chair
Research interest:Natural products and compounds against cancer migration and metastasis, Molecular biology of cancer, Hemostasis
Tel. 0-7567-2670, 0-7567-2602-4
Prof.Dr.Hideyuki Majima
Research interest: 
Tel. 0-7567-2602-4
Assoc.Prof.Dr. Jitbanjong Tangpong
Research interest:Clinical Chemistry, Free Radical Biology of Medicine, Natural Products, Neurodegeneration and Alzheimer's disease
Tel. 0-7567-2605, 0-7567-2602-4
Assoc.Prof.Dr.Voravuth Somsak
Research interest:- Molecular genetic and biology of Plasmodium berghei infected mice - Antimalarial finding from medicinal planbt extracts
Tel. 0-7567-2607, 0-7567-2602-4
Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nutjaree Jeenduang
Research interest:Clinical Chemistry, Molecular genetics in lipid metabolism, Medicinal plants for hyperlipidemia
Tel. 0-7567-2678, 0-7567-2602-4
Assoc.Prof.Dr. Monthon Lertcanawanichakul
Research interest:Utilization of Natural Products (Drug-Based Screening, Probiotics)
Tel. 0-7567-2627, 0-7567-2602-4
Assoc.Prof.Dr. Manas Kotepui
Research interest:- Malaria epidemiology - Routine to research (R2R) in Medical Technology and Public Health - Data mining in medical fields
Tel. 0-7567-2689, 0-7567-2602-4
Assoc.Prof.Dr. Mayuna Srisuphanunt
Research interest: 
Tel. 0-7567-2692, 0-7567-2602-4
Asst.Prof.Dr. Jirarat Songsri
Program chair
Research interest:- Epidemiology and molecular characterization of Burkholderia pseudomallei - Antimicrobial agent resistance in bacteria
Tel. 0-7567-2688, 0-7567-2602-4
Assoc.Prof.Dr. Warangkana Chunglok
Research interest:Clinical Chemistry, Molecular biology of cancer Natural product-based therapeutic agents for cancers and inflammatory diseases
Tel. 0-7567-2681, 0-7567-2602-4
Assoc. Prof. Dr Veeranoot Nissapatorn
Research interest:Clinical Tropical Medicine, medical parasitology, water-based research, diagnostic challenges, medicinal plants against infectious diseases, and animal health and welfare.
Tel. 0-7567-2673, 0-7567-2602-4
Assoc.Prof.Dr. Wiyada Kwanhian Klangbud
Research interest:- Infectious diseases; Melioidosis - Immune modulation and Immune response - Immunotoxicology
Tel. 0-7567-2607, 0-7567-2602-4
Assoc.Prof.Dr. Kwuntida Kotepui
Research interest:Medical Biochemistry, Clinical Chemistry, Molecular biology of cancer
Tel. 0-7567-2628, 0-7567-2602-4
Asst.Prof.Dr. Phuangthip Bhoopong
Research interest:- Medical Microbiology - Medicinal plants used as antimicrobial agents (especially antibiotic resistance bacteria and enteropathogenic bacteria) - Molecular epidemiology of Vibrios
Tel. 0-7567-2623, 0-7567-2602-4
Asst.Prof.Dr. Poonsit Hiransai
Research interest:Antioxidant, Immuno-modulation of natural products and Signalling transduction of Immune cell
Tel. 0-7567-3760, 0-7567-2602-4
Asst.Prof.Dr. Moragot Chatatikun
Research interest:Natural products for whitening agents and hypoglycemic effects through molecular mechanisms
Tel. 0-7567-2607, 0-7567-2602-4
Asst.Prof.Dr. Manit Nuinoon
Research interest:Thalassemia and Hemoglobinopathies, Novel Hb E Screening Reagent Development, Effect of Genetics on HbA1c levels In DM, Genetics of DM, Human Genetic Variation (SNP) analysis
Tel. 0-7567-2671, 0-7567-2602-4
Asst.Prof.Dr. Sueptrakool Wisessombat
Research interest:Medical microbiology: microaerobic bacteria, dermatophytes, and endophytic fungi
Tel. 0-7567-2619, 0-7567-2602-4
Asst.Prof.Dr. Apsorn Sattayakhom
Research interest:-Molecular biology of ageing and age-related diseases. -Natural products for ageing and age-related diseases
Tel. 0-7567-2680, 0-7567-2602-4
Asst.Prof.Dr. Orawan Sarakul
Head of Medical Technology Department
Research interest:Anemia, miRNA, Erythropoiesis
Tel. 0-7567-2622, 0-7567-2602-4
Asst.Prof.Dr.Tunwadee Klongklaew
Research interest:Medical Parasitology
Tel. 0-7567-2621, 0-7567-2602-4
Asst.Prof.Dr. Penchom Janwan
Research interest:Medical parasitology
Tel. 0-7567-2674, 0-7567-2602-4
Lect.Kornyok Kamdee
Research interest: 
Tel. 0-7567-2607, 0-7567-2602-4
Lect.Dr. Kantapich Kongpol
Research interest:- Therapeutic strategy in cardiovascular disease - Vascular biology and application - Anti-inflammation and anti-oxidant - Stem cell research
Tel. 0-7547-6651, 0-7567-2602-4
Lect.Dr. Kunwadee Noonong
Research interest:Neuroprotective Potentials of natural product against Neurodegenerative Diseases, Biosensor
Tel. 0-7567-2694, 0-7567-2602-4
Lect.Dr. Jiraporn Jaroenpool
Research interest:Pathogenesis of viral infection diseases i.e. HIV, dengue infection, Immune response in NCD and elderly
Tel. 0-7567-2682, 0-7567-2602-4
Asst.Prof.Dr.Chonticha Romyasamit
Research interest: 
Tel. 0-7567-2693, 0-7567-2602-4
Lect.Dr. Chutipong Sukkanon
Research interest:- Medical, veterinary, and urban entomology - Behavioral responses of insect vector to insecticides and repellents
Tel. 0-7567-2653, 0-7567-2602-4
Lect.Dr. Chutima Rattanawan
Research interest:Hemostasis, Genetic variations of fibrinolysis in cardiovascular disease
Tel. 0-7567-2679, 0-7567-2602-4
Lect.Dr.Yanisa Rattanapan
Research interest:- Molecular genetics - Cancer genetics - Epigenetics
Tel. 0-7547-6652, 0-7567-2602-4
Lect.Dr. Duangjai Phiewkum
Research interest:Genetic susceptibility to leukemia, Red blood cell membrane abnormalities
Tel. 0-7567-2675, 0-7567-2602-4
Lect.Dr. Nateelak Kooltheat
Research interest:Transfusion Science, Molecular Immunology, Natural Product
Tel. 0-7567-2626, 0-7567-2602-4
Lect.Dr. Naunpun Sangphech
Research interest:Macrophage immune response, Genetic manipulation, Immunosenescence
Tel. 0-7567-2697, 0-7567-2602-4
Asst.Prof.Dr. Nantawan Wangmuang
Research interest:Biosensors and Gold nanoparticles for diagnosis and monitoring
Tel. 0-7567-2676, 0-7567-2602-4
Lect.Dr. Nuchpicha Intakhan
Research interest:Medical parasitology
Tel. 0-7567-2625, 0-7567-2602-4
Lect.Dr. Pattamaporn Kwankaew
Research interest:Biochemistry and Molecularbiology
Tel. 0-7567-2691, 0-7567-2602-4
Asst.Prof.Dr. Rachasak Boonhok
Research interest:Cell and molecular biology of Infectious diseases in human, Innate immune response, Host-pathogen interaction, Parasitic infection, Malaria, Acanthamoeba
Tel. 0-7567-2687, 0-7567-2602-4
Lect.Dr. Dr. Rujikorn Rattanatham
Research interest:

Clinical Chemistry, Molecular Genetics,

Human Genetic Variation analysis, NCDs

Tel. 0-7567-2698, 0-7567-2602-4
Asst.Prof.Dr.Wanida Mala
Research interest:Medical Microbiology, Molecular epidemiology genetic diversity of pathogenic bacteria
Tel. 0-7567-2672, 0-7567-2602-4
Lect.Warinda Prommachote
Research interest: 
Tel. 0-7567-2602-4
Lect.Dr. Wilawan Palachum
Research interest:Biotechnology, Food product research and Hematology
Tel. 0-7567-2690, 0-7567-2602-4
Asst.Prof.Dr. Wilaiwan Senghoi
Research interest:Immune response, Host-pathogen interaction, Molecular Immunology
Tel. 0-7567-2632, 0-7567-2602-4
Asst.Prof.Dr. Saruda Kuraeiad
Research interest:Local plants for improving cognitive impairment in aging human
Tel. 0-7567-2631, 0-7567-2602-4
Lect.Dr. Sirijan Santajit
Research interest:-Bacterial toxin, virulence factor(s) and drug resistance of nosocomial pathogens -Therapeutic antibody by using phage display technique -Molecular epidemiology of food-borne pathogen and nosocomial infections
Tel. 0-7547-6656, 0-7567-2602-4
Asst.Prof.Dr. Sirirat Surinkaew
Research interest:Cadiovascular disease, Molecular biology
Tel. 0-7567-2630, 0-7567-2602-4
Lect.Suksun Changlek
Research interest:Clinical Chemistry
Tel. 0-7567-2685, 0-7567-2602-4
Lect.Dr. Hataichanok Chuljerm
Research interest:- Siderophores from microorganisms - Iron chelators - Iron overload disorder - Antioxidant
Tel. 0-7547-6659, 0-7567-2602-4
Asst.Prof.Dr. Atchara Phumee
Research interest:-Molecular biology of vector-borne diseases in parasitology (Leishmania and trypanosome), arboviruses (dengue, zika, and, chikungunya viruses), and zoonosis. -The interaction between pathogens and vectors.
Tel. 0-7547-6654, 0-7567-2602-4
Lect.Dr. Aman Tedasen
Research interest:Clinical Chemistry, Molecular biology of cancer, Natural product for cancers treatment, Computational simulation for cancer therapeutic agents
Tel. 0-7567-2677, 0-7567-2602-4
Lect.Imran Sama-ae
Research interest:Medical Microbiology
Tel. 0-7567-2606, 0-7567-2602-4
Asst.Prof.Issara Prachongsai
Research interest:Immunotherapy and antibody engineering in infectious diseases and non-infectious diseases.
Tel. 0-7567-2695, 0-7567-2602-4
Lect.Dr.Udom Lao-on
Research interest:- Molecular biology and metabolism in cancer cells - Stem cell technology - Medicinal plant
Tel. 0-7567-2620, 0-7567-2602-4
Lect.Dr. Wetpisit Chanmol
Research interest:Medical parasitology
Tel. 0-7567-2659, 0-7567-2602-4
Lect.Dr. Thitinat Duangchan
Research interest:- Stem cell biology
- Transfusion science
Tel. 0-7567-2684, 0-7567-2602-4