Message from the Dean

         The School of Allied Health Sciences at Walailak University, under the concept of “Allied Health Sciences Aims towards excellence and international program development,” is offering two programs for the Bachelor’s Degree. The school first introduced the Medical Technology and Physical Therapy curriculums in 1998 and 2005 respectively, becoming the first educational institution in the southern part of Thailand. The school was aimed at producing healthcare personnel who are able to promote the well-being of the community with an intimate and systematic approach. The School had also been developing the teaching methods and curriculums according to the international standard, and in the academic year 2017 we offered the revised Medical Technology curriculum in which students can obtain two degrees within five years of study. The first degree is Bachelor’s Degree in Medical Technology for which students can obtain after having completed the four-year course and become an eligible candidate for the Medical Technologist Licensure Examination. The second degree is the Master’s Degree in Biomedical Sciences for which the students can obtain after continuing to conduct research for another year. Walailak University became the first and only university in Thailand to introduce the mentioned curriculum in-part to correspond with the government’s Thailand 4.0 policy that puts emphasis on students to develop research skills in order to create innovative solutions to public health issues. Graduates can also accelerate their educational paths toward PhD. The School has opened a bilingual program for the Medical Technology curriculum in the academic year 2017. The learning in this program will be carried out in the English language in order to enhance the students’ English language skills and support international students who may wish to study for the Bachelor’s Degree. Moreover, the School is revising the Master’s Degree and PhD programs in Biomedical Sciences with the idea of making the curriculums more internationally oriented in compliance with the University’s vision. In 2017, the School of Allied Health Sciences continues to grow in all aspects and produce highly-skilled graduates who contribute to society. Many graduates have published research that meet the public needs, they have created new knowledge that is accepted by their peers around the world. Many publications by the graduates have been putting emphasis on transferring and furthering knowledge towards innovation and the production of new products for the community and enterprises. Successful results confirm the advancements achieved and have been appropriately awarded by several international organisations. The School has been planning to establish a research institute by cooperating with the private sector and international organisations to strengthen the quality of research and its application to society. The School is also providing academic and professional services to the community through the Physical Therapy Clinic and Medical Technology Clinic. Moreover, there has been a collaborative, non-profit effort between the School and the community in conjunction with other professionals to build a congenial university culture. For the past twenty years, the School has produced more than 2,000 high-quality graduates who continue to do good work for the society in different regions in Thailand. This year will also see a batch of BSc, MSc, and PhD graduates, who have made the School very proud of their success. They have been successful thanks to the cooperation and hard work from all the personnel in all levels who have continued to be committed towards improving the organisation and enhancing the performance of the School towards world-class recognition.