Biomedical Sciences program (M.Sc)


TH: หลักสูตรวิทยาศาสตรมหาบัณฑิต สาขาชีวเวชศาสตร์

EN: Master of Science Program in Biomedical Sciences


TH: วิทยาศาสตรมหาบัณฑิต (ชีวเวชศาสตร์)

EN: Master of Science (Biomedical Sciences)


The programs encourage students to develop new state of the art in medical science and bioscience, conduct research corresponding to their interest, and possess expertise on a wide spectrum of areas such as molecular biology, human genetics, cytogenetics, medical biochemistry, nutrition, toxicology, hematology, immunology, microbiology, and relevant fields.

Desirable Characteristics of the Course

Our course is focused on applying the knowledge to research in medical science and bioscience.  Laboratory techniques and research methodology play an important role in enabling the graduates to gain knowledge and skills and to conduct research following academic progress. They are able to integrate effectively between modern technology and grounded theory in order to establish a groundbreaking body of knowledge.  In addition, the graduates are expected to work efficiently in collaboration with the health science team, to acquire considerable interpersonal skills, to adopt morality and ethics, and to have responsibility to self and society as well.

Career path

·       Lecturers and researchers in the country and foreign countries

·       Scientists in advance diagnostic laboratory

·       Graduate students in doctoral degree program

·       Special experts in any companies

Study path

Doctoral degree in Biomedical Sciences and related field


45,000 Bath / Year

Program structure

The program comprises 2 plans as follows:           

         1) Plan A1 (ก 1) consists of only a thesis (2-year), 45 credits

         2) Plan A2 (ก 2) consists of a thesis and coursework (2-year), 45 credits                        

Scholarship available

·      Research assistance scholarship (grant 8,000 THB monthly allowance)

·       Research scholarship for presentation (grant 3000 THB/student/year)

Admission schedule, process and how to apply

Selection process

  1. All received applications will be assessed and ranked against the eligible criteria for the available quota by the programme committee

  2. Outcome will be circulated after the selection process is finalized.

Graduation criteria

  1. One publisher paper, or at least accepted for publication, in national or international scientific journal for Plan A1

  2. One published paper, or at least accepted for publishing, in national or international scientific journals or proceedings in Plan A2.

  3. All 45 credits must be completed, the Thesis examination and English test must be passed, and the Thesis book must be submitted to the College of Graduate Studies.

The information to be included in the program specification is listed below.

1. Awarding body/institution

     Walailak University

2. Teaching institution (if different)

     Walailak University

     2.1 The Center for Scientific and Technological Equipment Building

     2.2 Research Institute for Health Sciences Building 

3. Details of the accreditation by a professional or statutory body

    Office of the Higher Education Commission: OHEC

4. Name of the final award

    Master of Science (Biomedical Sciences) / M.Sc. (Biomedical Sciences)

5. Program title

    Master of Science Program in Biomedical Sciences

6. Expected Learning outcomes of the prograv

    PLO 1. To be able to apply biomedical knowledge, technology, and/or innovation to the development of biomedical research in order to address health issues in communities, society, and the nation.

    PLO 2. To be able to design research projects and use cutting-edge techniques and innovative technologies in biomedical research.

    PLO 3. To be able to use information technology to conduct research data searches, data management, and data analysis.

    PLO 4. To be able to present, communicate, and distribute research findings on a national or international level.

    PLO 5. To be able to conduct biomedical research while adhering to research professional ethics.

    PLO 6. To be able to analyze and synthesize data from research and academic findings in order to promote biomedical research on a national or  international level.

    PLO 7. To be able to develop research projects and/or biomedical innovations to fulfill society’s and the nation’s health requirements.

   Note  : Biomedical research encompasses research in the medical, health, and life sciences.

             : Research ethics relates to how researchers in the biomedical sector behave themselves in terms of research ethics.

7. Admission criteria or requirements to the program

Following regulation of Walailak University on graduate studies, 2017

Master’s Degree Program: A candidate must

1.   Hold a Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent or any accredited graduation with at least one of the following qualifications:

         1)  GPA of at least 2.50 or equivalent

         2)  GPA of at least 2.00 or equivalent and GPA for specific courses relevant to the field of at least 2.75  or equivalent

         3)  GPA of at least 2.00 and 1-year working experience relevant to the field approved by the affiliation’s administrator

        4)  Exemptions from the above conditions may be granted by the Program Committee under exc eptional circumstances and

2.   Meet specific requirements set by the Program Committee.

3.   English test results meet the criteria.

8. Relevant subject benchmark statements and other external and internal

Following announcement of the Ministry of Education and regulation of Walailak University. 

9. Reference points used to provide information on program outcomes

     ·  Website:

     ·  Curriculum Book of the Program (มคอ.2)

     ·  Announcement of the Ministry of Education​

    ·  Announcement of Higher Education

    ·  Regulation of Walailak University

10. Program structure and requirements including levels, courses, credits, etc.                        

1. Plan A 1 ; research only, 45 credits                 

                   1) Thesis  45 credits 

                   2) Seminar 2* credits  ( *credits are not counted, but grades at an S level are   require)                       

2. Plan A 2 : research and coursework,   45 credits                        

                    1) Core course 10 credits                            

                    2) Elective course   5 credits                       

                    3) Thesis  30 credits 

                    4)  Seminar 2* credits  ( *credits are not counted, but grades at an S level are require)     

To view the core course and elective course >> “Click here” <<

11. Date on which the program specification was written or revised

The Programme was approved by the Council of Walailak University on 11th March 2017  and the Office of the Higher Education Commission on 1st August 2018.